Treatment Values

Client as expert

We honor the individual as the expert of themselves and their experience. We believe that each individual holds an innate wisdom for healing and that, when provided with the right environment and support system, individuals will orient to recovery.

Individualized treatment

We believe that people heal and recover in a variety of ways. Our clinicians are prepared to get to know you and your individual needs. With a collection of tools and modalities, we consciously attune to each individual we work with for a client-centered treatment plan based on individual goals.

Doing what works with creativity and nonconformity

We aim to provide a variety of modalities, both longstanding, evidence-based practices as well as cutting edge or even experimental treatments in order to collaborate with our clients on the best treatment plan for each individual we serve. Above all, we aim to do what works and we are willing to get creative and collaborative with you in order to find the cornerstones to your treatment journey. We use this approach to help you hold the hard and heavy pieces of this journey while also accessing the fun and joy that comes along the way. We are dedicated to continual learning and development in order to bring our clients as many helpful resources as possible. Click here for the variety of modalities that we offer.

Grounded compassion

We understand that everything you’re doing makes sense to some part of you. There may be behaviors or experiences you are having that are no longer working for you, but they likely developed to help you survive at some point in your life. As providers, we ground ourselves in compassion for you and all of the parts of you, including the parts that may not be responding effectively to the present moment. Together we will access that present moment to invite you more fully into the life you want.


We recognize and celebrate all types of diversity and we understand that the steady, ongoing work of anti-racism and anti-oppression must be interwoven into all of our work in order to create a safer world where all people can flourish. We are fat-positive and are rooted in a Health at Every Size® (HAES) framework. We welcome and are dedicated to appropriately serving individuals of all sizes, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and spiritual practices. We continually seek opportunities to live more fully in this value.