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Safe and Sound Protocol

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a somatic intervention that can directly impact the nervous system and increase regulation. This intervention is often appropriate for clients with anxiety, depression, sensory concerns, and PTSD, but it is useful generally for increasing an overall sense of safety and connectedness.

What to expect

There are a multitude of options for how this intervention can be delivered but essentially, SSP is 5 hours of filtered music designed to increase your capacity for regulated living that you listen to while you are in a virtual session with your provider. Your provider will attune to you as you listen and help you to process and integrate the experiences that you have.

  • Your clinician will work with you and, if applicable, your referring provider to assess you over the course of 1-3 sessions.
  • Your clinician will meet with you to discuss the best course of treatment. This course of treatment is our best guess and it may change over time based on your response to the listening sessions.
  • You will have a number of sessions with your provider. These sessions will usually be 53-60 minutes long and will include a check in, any regulation exercises needed, listening, and then settling, processing and integrating.

You can see more resources and research on SSP here.

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