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Specialized Eating Disorder Therapy

All of our therapists at Take Root Counseling and Coaching are trained and experienced in the treatment of individuals with Eating Disorders and are passionate about empowering you to orient to the possibility of recovery so that you can live more presently in alignment with your values. You are here because a part of you wants to live differently than you are right now. We can help you figure out how to do that.

What to expect

Your initial session will take about an hour. It will include an introduction to your clinician. They will tell you all about their practice and answer any questions that you have coming in. They will complete an assessment which can involve your therapist asking personal questions about you, your life, your history, and your family. Your therapist will want to get a good idea of how you would like to benefit from therapy. You can also expect to be asked about your eating disorder and how it plays out in your everyday life as well as how it functions for you. Your therapist may recommend another session to complete the assessment depending on the time it takes to discuss your history and reasons for entering therapy at this time. Once the initial session and assessment are complete, your therapist will summarize their clinical impressions and will make a recommendation for treatment based on their assessment and, most importantly, your goals. It is likely that your therapist will recommend adding specialists to your treatment team such as a dietician, medical doctor, and more. If you already have these folks on your team, your therapist will want to talk with you about connecting with those team members to provide you with collaborative, multidisciplinary care.

Why do I need specialized treatment?

Eating Disorders are pervasive and disordered eating is incredibly common. In the culture we live in, some Eating Disorder symptoms can feel dangerously normal. The truth is that Eating Disorders are the second-most fatal mental illness, and they often take over the lives of the people suffering with them, as they impact not only mental health, but a host of other important factors, including physical health, relationships, identity, daily functioning, decision making, and more. Eating disorders have a number of known and unknown causes that are often highly individual. It is important that the therapist treating you understands you, your history, and the ways your eating disorder has served you. It is also important that your therapist has a well-rounded, comprehensive understanding of the ways in which eating disorders impact all areas of a person’s life and all systems in the body.

What makes Take Root Therapists specialists in Eating Disorders treatment?

  • We have specialized training and professional experience in the eating disorder field.
  • We stay up-to-date on the latest research in eating disorder treatment.
  • We work on interdisciplinary treatment teams, which means we are well networked with medical doctors and professionals, registered dieticians, adjunct therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals looped into clients’ care.
  • When a client comes to us without a treatment team, we work to help that individual organize a treatment team.
  • The Take Root team meets weekly so that all therapists have dedicated, regular time to meet with other specialists to discuss difficult questions and learn from one another. The practice does not specialize in one particular type of therapy. Our clinicians have various specializations they have studied and trained in in order to provide eating disorder treatment. This means that your clinician has a team of specialists with whom they regularly consult. This is one of many ways that we individualize treatment.
  • The Take Root team works through an anti-oppressive, HAES® (Health at Every Size) informed lens.
  • We understand the different phases of eating disorder treatment and recovery and the varying needs within those phases.

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