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Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

Our full scale recovery coaching program is under construction.

Current Recovery Coaching Offerings

Christine Northrup currently offers a la carte individualized recovery coaching. If you are interested in working with Christine or would like to learn more or receive updates as we progress, please reach out to us.

Meal Coaching

Most of our clinicians do offer meal coaching services which are available to assist clients with practicing skills used to successfully complete meals and snacks. This service can be super useful if you’re having trouble meeting your meal plan or have some specific challenge foods you and your dietician want to work on including. This is something that can be worked into your individual therapy at Take Root or our therapists can provide meal coaching as an adjunct therapy service if you already have a therapist you’re working with.

Every meal and every snack are opportunities to live into your recovery. Reach out to us to add this valuable service to your journey!

Please note that our therapists are not dieticians and won’t be offering any nutrition services. You’ll need to be working with a dietician in order to utilize our meal coaching services. If you don’t have one, we’ll be more than happy to offer you referrals!

What’s the difference between therapy & recovery coaching?

While coaches at Take Root are also licensed therapists, coaching is not therapy and therapeutic interventions will not be offered in coaching services. Research shows that interdisciplinary teams provide the most effective treatment for individuals with Eating Disorders. These teams usually comprise a therapist, registered dietician, psychiatric provider, and medical provider. Sometimes there are adjunct therapists as well. In recent years, recovery coaching has become more popular and coaches have been more widely recognized as useful and effective members of treatment teams. Coaches do not provide a diagnosis or treatment plan but can support the client in meeting the goals of their treatment plan.

What coaches do:

  • Coaches keep a focus on the overarching goals of the client and actively engage in collaborating with the client to develop and practice skills which will support moving in the direction of those goals.
  • Coaches work with the treatment team and add additional support in the goal of recovery.
  • In addition to virtual coaching sessions, coaches can provide text and phone support to assist with challenges associated with recovery. This could include trips to the grocery store, restaurant outings, food exposures, struggles with urges to use behaviors, and more.
  • Coaches help the client set up structure and ritual in their home to best support recovery. This can be done virtually or arrangements can be made to do this in-person.
  • Our coaches have their own personal experience with eating disorders in addition to having professional training. Everyone’s experience is different, and they may not use their own recovery journey to inform your care, but you have the awareness that your coach understands something about what you are going through on a personal level.

Is recovery coaching right for me?

There are a wide range of indicators that coaching might be right for you and there are a number of different places on a recovery path where coaches can really be helpful. We are happy to speak with you about making the decision to add recovery coaching to your treatment plan.

Here are a few indicators that our coaching services might be right for you:

  • You are ready and determined to build a life in recovery and let go of your eating disorder, but you lack the confidence and support you need to take some of the leaps you’ll need to take.
  • You have a treatment team in place, but you’re finding that you need a little more support.
  • You’re transitioning out of a higher level of care or preparing to step up and you need help.
  • You are motivated but struggle to access that motivation in times of great stress or when urges are high.
  • You are doing well with your recovery goals but find yourself getting hijacked and triggered frequently by diet culture.
  • You’ve changed a lot in recovery, but a lot about your life is still the same and doesn’t support your recovery. You need help making lifestyle, relationship, or household changes.

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