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Individual Therapy for Adults

Individual Therapy can be useful for a wide variety of reasons. Our clinicians are happy to be able to offer a wide range of modalities to support your personal growth and recovery. Here are just a few of the many reasons that individuals pursue therapy:

  • You have a specific mental health struggle you want to work on
  • You’ve recently experienced a life transition and you need help processing it effectively
  • You want to dedicate time to exploring yourself, your identity, your goals, or a problem you are facing
  • You think you may have a mental health diagnosis, and you want to be assessed and offered a treatment plan

What to expect

Your initial session will take about an hour. It will include an introduction to your clinician. They will tell you all about their practice and answer any questions that you have coming in. They will complete an assessment, which can involve your therapist asking personal questions about you, your life, your history, and your family. Your therapist will want to get a good idea of how you would like to benefit from therapy. Your therapist may recommend another session to complete the assessment depending on the time it takes to discuss your history and reasons for entering therapy at this time. Once the initial session and assessment are complete, your therapist will summarize their clinical impressions and will make a recommendation for treatment based on their assessment and, most importantly, your goals.

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